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We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and AmericanExpress® credit cards via PayPal® Express Checkout. If you already have a PayPal account, you can use that during the checkout process. Otherwise, PayPal will give you an option to create an account when you enter your payment information for the order.
Everyone who visits our shop and adds an item to their cart (without logging in) is given a temporary shopping cart, which is stored as a cookie that expires after 30 days. This allows a visitor to add items to a shopping cart and come back at a later date to finalize checkout. All items remain in the temporary cart until the cart is checked-out, the visitor removes the items themselves, or the 30-day expiration is reached.

If a visitor has disabled cookies in their web-browser, their temporary cart will disappear when the visitor leaves our shop.

Everyone who has an account with us (and logs in) is given a permanent cart. All items remain in their shopping cart until the account-holder has either checked out or removed the items themselves.

If an account-holder adds items to a temporary cart and then logs in to our shop, the contents of their temporary cart will automatically merge with their permanent cart’s contents.

After a visitor to our shop adds one or more items to their temporary shopping cart, a Checkout With PayPal button appears on the Login/Register and Shopping Cart Contents pages. Clicking that button takes the visitor to the PayPal website, where they can either log into their existing PayPal account to make their payment or enter their payment information for the current order only. Once the payment information has been accepted by PayPal, the visitor is returned to our store to review and confirm the order.

Upon successful completion of the order process, we send the visitor an e-mail that includes the details of their order and a link with which they can track the order's status.

When you create an account with Latitude 9 NeedleArts, your address and contact information is kept in our database. When you choose to make a purchase, there’s no need to type your address information in again — just log in with your e-mail address and password and we’ll pre-fill the billing and shipping address fields. You can review all the purchases you’ve made with us, subscribe to our newsletter, and maintain your address book (so that you can ship an order to an address other than yours!). If you wish to pay by check or money order, you need to create an account first (with a billing address in the United States).

When you use PayPal Express Checkout to process an order, you enter your address, contact, and billing information on the PayPal website. PayPal shares only your addresses (both physical and e-mail) with us, so that we can deliver — or contact you about — your order.

When you view the details of a pattern, you'll be presented with some Related Products. Those products include the fabric (either linen or Aida, your choice) and a threadpack that includes all the floss required for that pattern. Just click on a link to the related product and add that to your cart to create your fully-kitted pattern.
A threadpack is a collection of all the DMC floss colors you’ll need to complete a specific pattern. The floss is pre-cut into 18" lengths and labeled with the associated DMC floss number. Each threadpack includes the pattern-specific floss colors and an information sheet listing the number of 18" lengths for each color.
Aida fabric is, in general, less expensive than linen. We offer fabric products as a convenience to our customers, enabling you to purchase all elements required to stitch our patterns. A fabric's price is the price we paid for that fabric!
Some of the Stash Sale! patterns require Balger® metallic threads; that was the original name for the metallic threads offered by Kreinik Mfg. Co. Ltd..
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